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  1. Hello Testers and Toons. On February we have a double XP month where you get 2x the XP from defeated Cogs! The booster will end at the end of February.
  2. Hello. Unfortunately, the Toontown World Online Forum, support, bug tracker and login system suffered from a critical DB failure which has been resolved at 18:30 PM UTC. The main website remained unaffected, however, did not load any news articles. The outage started at around 07 AM UTC.
  3. Maintenance complete.
  4. Key Changes 4.2.7 is a maintenance release that fixes issues identified in 4.2.6 and also adds settings to help with GDPR compliance. This release also contains several security updates.
  5. The helpdesk is having a scheduled maintenance period. It will be unavailable during a software upgrade. Starting at 20:00 UTC. Changelog: (Upgrade from 4.80.2) New Support Center look and feel Customers can answer their own questions, quickly and simply with a Help Center tailored to your unique brand and content. In fact, 67% of customers prefer self-service help over talking to support agents. We’ve made Kayako Classic a more beautiful experience for your teams and customers alike. With a fresh coat of paint, we’ve made your support content easier to read. The new support center is mobile-responsive, too. Easier navigation for your tickets Stay on top of tickets with ease. Keep your lists of tickets organized and under control so that your team is set up for success. Sort through tags, filters, status, and SLA standing in one clean, beautiful, easy to use help desk interface. Do more with your time Automate assignments across your team and trigger notifications based on ticket properties. Leverage complex workflows with ease, and keep the most important information top of mind such as SLA timers, performance metrics, agent ratings, and content coming from your customers. Cleaner, more intuitive admin area Keep Kayako working your way. We’ve made it easier to navigate the settings in your administration area—from highlighting urgent alerts to clarifying descriptions and admin content.
  6. I'm open to debating this internally. When we have testers opinion, I'll be interested to see what they say as well.
  7. I am not so sure about this. You have many different ways to earn Jellybeans...
  8. For the record, you now have Gag Buffs, which includes Gag Accuracy to help you with your training, not to mention an XP boost Gag Buff. We'll let some new testers test and see what they make of the improvements. @Mgracer
  9. Hello Toons. We're having some unscheduled maintenance. This is a maintenance patch aimed to resolve important instability issues and isn't a full changelog for the next version. A full changelog will be released for the next version when the milestone is complete. This maintenance patch might include features/addons but the main purpose is to provide a quick fix to ensure the game runs smoothly. After completion, you will need to update MAIN GAME. We hope to address some quick issues introduced in version 2.5.0: Added words to whitelist Fixed a crash with Parties Fixed a misc crash with staff commands Removed Trunk CODE from REDEMPTION This marks the release of 2.5.1!
  10. The helpdesk is having a scheduled maintenance period. It will be unavailable during a software upgrade. Starting at 20:00 UTC. Changelog: (Upgrade from 4.76.1) 4.77 Release Notes New [SWIFT-5061] - Added option for administrators to control maximum cases per page for individual views. [SWIFT-5066] - The Knowledgebase and News wysiwyg editors now support drag/drop image upload. [SWIFT-5060] - Emojis support has been added to case subjects. Fixes and other improvements [SWIFT-5082] - "From Email is Empty" error is logged if the FROM contains special characters [SWIFT-2992] - Duplicate tickets displayed within Client Support Center when sorting according to status [SWIFT-4479] - In Open Queue mode, transferred chat requests are not offered in Kayako Desktop if operator's status is set to 'Away' [SWIFT-2440] - Help desk should not send follow up emails to the CC'd users of a ticket [SWIFT-3297] - Improved pagination when searching cases from staff control panel. [SWIFT-3654] - Attachment support has been added to the staff API for notifications and replies. [SWIFT-3702] - In Open Queue mode, chats cannot be transferred to staff when live chat department is not assigned [SWIFT-4424] - SLA plan is not applied if "clear Reply Due time" option is enabled for a status. [SWIFT-4857] - Custom fields linked to Live chat (after chat) group are not updating [SWIFT-4968] - First ticket post treated as plain text, even if it contains HTML. [SWIFT-5034] - Current year within yearly ticket recurrence is now supported [SWIFT-5054] - Resolved and Autoclosed date show different timestamps in reports. [SWIFT-5063] - Improved support and error messages when "open_basedir" is enabled [SWIFT-5069] - Emails from iPhones are being parsed blank [SWIFT-5079] - Merging users generates a PHP error [SWIFT-3020] - Survey email should be sent after a ticket is closed 4.78.1 Release Notes Highlights You can now search and filter based on ticket tags. Admin notification if an email cannot be fetched from an email queue. In case of multiple email addresses for user account, there should be an option under User account to be enabled for sending ticket updates to all the email addresses. New Feature and Improvements [SWIFT-1061] - Ability to filter and search according to ticket tags [SWIFT-1175] - Admin notification if an email cannot be fetched from an email queue [SWIFT-1683] - Added the ability for a user to receive notification emails on all their configured email addresses [SWIFT-896] - Improved canned response formatting [SWIFT-1116] - Manage Knowledgebase pages can now be sorted via 'Last Update' [SWIFT-1360] - 'Auto Refresh' setting now works for filters Fixes and other changes [SWIFT-791] - Improved Knowledgebase article formatting when using quick insert into a staff reply [SWIFT-1326] - Fixed a bug where staff teams did not obey Knowledgebase category restrictions [SWIFT-4446] - Fixed a bug where Resolved date and Creation date were identical if using the release tab to make amendments [SWIFT-4782] - Fixed a bug where adding email recipients name using commas caused malformed addresses to be added [SWIFT-5067] - Fixed a bug where the SMTP server password did not accept %12 in the password [SWIFT-5077] - Improved HTML formatting when using the strip tags option [SWIFT-5097] - Fixed a bug which lead to Infinite loops with several custom fields. Updates We released a minor product build to fix the following defects: [SWIFT-5117] - Different Ticket count shown for shared organization users [SWIFT-5128] - SLA timers getting reset to previous values while replying the tickets [SWIFT-5132] - Rest API issue with attachments accessible without ticket permission. If you are currently using Kayako 4.78.0, a patch update is possible by updating only the files below: '__apps/tickets/api/class.Controller_TicketAttachment.php' '__apps/tickets/models/Ticket/class.SWIFT_Ticket.php' '__apps/tickets/staff/class.Controller_Ticket.php' '__swift/apps/base/models/User/class.SWIFT_UserEmail.php' 4.79 Release Notes Highlights The CC field on the 'Forward' tab now has auto-fill suggestions SMTP server errors are now added to the error logs when there is an issue. If the `Include ticket reply summary in staff replies`option is enabled, those summaries will now appear below a breakline. For tickets created with the Staff API, attachments will now come through with the reply emails. New Feature and Improvements [SWIFT-4767] - Auto-suggestion is not working for CC option under the Forward tab [SWIFT-4831] - SMTP errors should be logged under error logs for notification emails when there is an issue with SMTP server. [SWIFT-3740] - Ability to select which attachments to purge (i.e. tickets, knowledgebase, etc) Fixes and other changes [SWIFT-5136] - Convert text box into select drop down for option Maximum number of emails to download in a batch [SWIFT-5137] - Enable breaklines in Staff replies by default if someone enables the option `Include ticket reply summary in staff replies` [SWIFT-5138] - Check and alert if `Email size limit` is more then the PHP memory_limit [SWIFT-2230] - Filter results/Advanced search does not show all the ticket IDs if search limit is set as default [SWIFT-2275] - SLA plan associated with User always overrides SLA plan for the tickets when user further replies the ticket [SWIFT-4495] - Encrypted value of Custom Fields is visible in ticket list when seen under a 'View'. [SWIFT-5035] - User email address is replaced with the Staff email address [SWIFT-5058] - Placeholder used for 'username' for 'Send Email' tickets shall pick user name, instead of staff name [SWIFT-5085] - User Search breaks while using Quick Filter [SWIFT-5108] - Attachment is not sent in the reply email sent to customer for the tickets created using Staff API [SWIFT-5115] - Increasing rating scale limit from 8 to 10 [SWIFT-5121] - Add valid kb article link for expiry message [SWIFT-5125] - "acfinalintro" phrase is picking up wrong value for "status" and "hours" variable in final autoclose notification email for "Deutsch (DE)" language pack [SWIFT-5126] - Admin receiving email parser alerts for banned email address as well 4.80.2 Release Notes Update: Hotfix release 4.80.2 We've released a hotfix to resolve: An security issue which caused the potential compromise of an email queue set up in Kayako. We recommend all customers apply the 4.80.1 updated release to ensure they are not vulnerable. A change to Kayako's heartbeat routine (which calls home to us to let us know your installation is active) to make it more efficient. Original Release 4.80 Highlights Adding a ticket note will now auto refresh the display. When editing a ticket, the user's email field will now auto-complete. The Mail Parser log has a new filter that shows only failed messages. You can now prevent staff from using their own email address as the 'From' address when replying to a ticket. Recurring tickets now retain CC recipients as well as the primary user address. Upgrade notes: You'll need to restore the 'newslist' template, after the update. Also, if you're a Download customer upgrading from a much earlier version, make sure you review previous release notes as well. Bugs [SWIFT-4810] - Improved compatibility of the SMTP handshaking to support mail servers using IPv6 identifiers [SWIFT-4911] - Removed redundant parameter from MarkAsAutoClosed function calls [SWIFT-5111] - Improved KQL to support the use of [] and # within ticket subjects [SWIFT-5120] - Fixed an issue which caused extra line spacing when editing macros [SWIFT-5127] - Improved Mail Parser to support emails with empty 'From' addresses [SWIFT-5129] - Improved support for Russian characters in Mail Parser [SWIFT-5150] - Fixed the 'Incorrect tickets' count on support center when using shared organizations [SWIFT-5176] - Fixed the API where adding replies would fail when using Kayako Classic Mobile Apps New Features [SWIFT-1045] - The Mail Parser log has a new filter that shows only failed messages. [SWIFT-1683] - When using multiple email addresses there is now an option to send out replies to all the users' email addresses [SWIFT-1737] - You can now prevent staff from using their own email address as the 'From' address when replying to a ticket [SWIFT-2632] - Added an option to the REST API to retrieve attachments for a specific ticket post Improvements [SWIFT-1598] - Fixed the 'Read More' link at the bottom of news articles so it's aware there is no more content [SWIFT-1983] - Added Auto-complete for a user's email address when editing a ticket [SWIFT-3465] - Tickets will now auto-refresh when adding ticket notes [SWIFT-4687] - Recurring tickets will now also remember their 'CC' recipients [SWIFT-4806] - Added an option to the staff API to disable sending automatic emails when creating a ticket reply [SWIFT-5076] - SwiftMailer library is now current with the latest version. [SWIFT-5157] - Improved error message display when creating ticket from the Staff CP where you are not assigned to the chosen department
  11. Helpdesk changelog history

    See this article for changelogs
  12. 4.2.6 Key Changes This is a maintenance release to fix reported bugs. Other changes include: RSS feeds now use guest page caching system Analytic tracking code has been moved to inside head tag Ad code placement has a new setting to clarify how sidebar display should be handled Various enhancements to Redis engine including data stored encrypted at rest Search result improvements
  13. Happy New Toon Year on its Way! Celebrate the New Toon Year with Toontastic fireworks bursting over each of the playgrounds -- every hour on the hour! The colorful displays explode across the night skies from December 30 to January 2. Grab your Toon friends, dress up in fancy accessories like the top hat and tiara, and party like a Toon! To get the best view of the show, hit PAGE UP to look skyward. The Toon Council wishes all Toons a Toontastic New Toon Year!
  14. Hello Toons! Flippy helped get out the decorations and it's looking very much like Toontown is covered by Snow Wonder. Christmas decorations cover the whole of Toontown and the Cogs aren't happy one bit.
  15. Maintenance is complete
  16. 4.2.3 Key Changes 4.2.3 is a maintenance release that fixes issues identified in 4.2.2. Please note if you use https in the AdminCP, but not on the front-end, the auto-upgrade process may not work correctly. You should download this update from the client area and upgrade manually. Additional Information This release addresses an XSS vulnerability and we recommend all clients upgrade as soon as possible. We would like to thank @newbie LAC for responsibly disclosing the details of this vulnerability to us. 4.2.4 Key Changes 4.2.4 is a maintenance release that fixes issues identified in 4.2.3. Additional Information This release addresses an XSS vulnerability. We would like to thank @newbie LAC for responsibly disclosing the details of this vulnerability to us. 4.2.5 Key Changes 4.2.5 is a maintenance release that fixes issues identified in 4.2.4. Additional Information This release addresses an XSS vulnerability. We would like to thank Maverick and Mike for responsibly disclosing the details of this vulnerability to us.
  17. From October 22 to November 1, round up your Toon friends, put on your costume and accessories. Ghosts, bats, scarecrows, jack o' lanterns, and all kinds of kooky 'n creepy crawlies have materialized around the streets of Toontown! Even your own Estate enjoys eerie decorations, and it all means Halloween time has arrived! October is a booo-tiful time to be a Toon!
  18. Summer is in full swing which means it's time for the annual 16-day long Summer Fireworks Extravaganza! Whoa, 16 days?!?!? What crazy Toon thought that one up? Anyway, our beloved fireworks show has been improved through the uses of "ultra-secret Toon techniques" imported from the "Far East" (maybe even farther than Donald's Dock, from what we hear!). Marvel as the sky darkens, and these spectacular spectacles fill the night for all Toons' delight! The fun happens in each of the playgrounds -- every hour on the hour -- now through July 16. Plus, be sure to wear your summer's best while enjoying the Summer Fireworks with "flag" and "fireworks" T-shirts and coordinating shorts and skirts -- available for a limited time from Clarabelle's Cattlelog. These items will be available for purchase only during the Summer Fireworks Extravaganza, so be sure to get them before they fizzle away!
  19. 4.2.0 Highlights There's a lot of new feature in 4.2 but here are a few of the highlights: Promoting Content - A new way to promote content in your Community internally, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Clubs - Clubs are a brand new way of supporting sub-communities within your site. Many people have requested social group functionality in the past and Clubs are our implementation of this concept. Reactions - Offer more fine-grained sentiments towards content than a simple up/down or 'like'. They are now in common usage on social networks, and so users expect to be able to be more nuanced in their response to something they see. Complete Your Profile - Encourage or require members to fill out the details on their profile. Also now allows for quick registration to encourage joining. And a whole lot more.. It goes on... here is the full list! Leaderboard Enhancements Richer Embeds Group Promotion Improvement Fluid Forum View Member History Editor Uploading Improvements Authy Integration Commerce Improvements New REST API Endpoints Gallery Improvements Statistic Reporting Copy Topic to Database Downloads Index Page Blog Sidebar Promoting Content Clubs Reactions Calendar Venues Social Sign In Streamlining Calendar Add Similar Event Gallery Lightbox Navigation Letter Profile Photos SEO Improvements Device Management Delayed Deletes Calendar Event Reminders Content Messages Recommended Replies Complete Your Profile 4.2.1 4.2.1 is a maintenance release to fix minor issues. 4.2.2 Key Changes 4.2.2 is a maintenance release that fixes issues identified in 4.2.1 and: A new extraction process to make auto-upgrades more robust The upgrade system will do a check of all files to ensure they are up to date before proceeding Security Notice This release also contains security enhancements to prevent possible XSS and increase protections on account management functions. It is recommended you upgrade to ensure the security on your Community. Thanks to @newbie LAC and Raja uzair Abdullah for reporting security issues. Version 4.2 is the next large release for Invision Community! We are very excited to introduce all the new features and improvements.
  20. Key Changes This is a maintenance release to fix minor issues. As we prepare our 4.2 release we will continue to provide small maintenance updates to 4.1 Key Changes Fixes a security issue related to importing profile photos from URL. Key Changes We know security updates can be distracting but we take security very seriously and do not want to delay getting you the latest enhancements. As we continue to audit security hardening, we will do these focused update releases. This release addresses two possible XSS scenarios.