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  1. How about for each cog we defeat we get 5 jellybeans * tier level mr hollywood for example any lvl would be 40 jbs Also how about jellybeans after each main task?
  2. It be good for exp and we can have 3 that doesnt have mega invasions (like the safe districts i guess)
  3. Content Packs

    I think its fine only disney had a problem with it no other server has a problem with them
  4. V2.0 summons

    How about some version 3.0 cogs in higher bosses? or maybe somewhere else idk
  5. Would provide some challenge end game
  6. This will make fishing less grindy and tedious and more fun imo.
  7. This will be another speedchat button that shows past messages sent by toons in speedchat and speedchat plus
  8. edit the quote

    It sure does
  9. WHat fun memories
  10. And mounts could be 2 * m , m =movement speed cost 1000 jellybeans for 1 mount
  11. Toon Platoon! - 30/04/2015

    i call hacks!
  12. The Message Game

    ps3 has a 3 in it! illuminati has 3 sides ps3 = illuminati confirmed
  13. The Message Game

    lol its a meme going on the internet