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The latest changes to the launcher in the 2.5.2 X series allows you to be up to date automatically – all you need to do is open the launcher and it will check for launcher updates. From time to time we may need to offer a complete re-install for you.


Prerequisites to install:

Panda3D-1.9.0 (our version, cannot be from Panda3D.org, etc)


Required steps to install client:

Section A)

  1. Get a client download link. 
  2. Download in Chrome, or any other browser of your choice. 
  3. Ensure your antivirus does not delete the installer file, if it is deleted by Chrome or antivirus, create an exception or temporarily disable your antivirus
    1. Here's a walkthrough to temporarily disabling Chrome's download protection. Be sure to enable it after downloading Panda3D: ttw-disable-chrome-protection-temporarily.gif
  4. Ensure you do not have any other Panda3D installations in your C:/ drive - archive/move/delete any other Panda3D version you have in your C:/ drive - the client will not like other Panda3D versions in C:/. 
  5. Install our Panda3D, follow the same steps above and make sure it is installed to C:/. 
  6. If you encounter a DLL load error, or path issues follow steps below


Running the game client

Section B)

  1. Look on Desktop for the Toontown World Online Launcher icon (a shortcut is created).
  2. If you don't see one, or when opening the file doesn't exist it means your anti-virus has deleted the file, follow section. A. 3.
  3. When the launcher opens for the first time it will download the latest launcher updates.
  4. Obtain a valid login from staff.
  5. After opening the launcher click “Start game” or press the enter key.
  6. Type your valid login credentials and the game will check for updates – if it is your first open it could take 5-10 minutes to download all the required files.
  7. After checking for updates the launcher will open the game.


Playing and issues

Recommended actions by players:

  • After logging in you are free to record game content, and to post these videos online.
  • Should you encounter a bug, please copy the log from Command Prompt windows and file it on the public bug tracker (there is a tutorial on the supportdesk and forum on how to get your log files if you cannot copy from the prompt.
  • You should play to test recently released footage. You may be given rewards for your efforts outlined in the "Tester Rewards" topic on the forum for your efforts in testing existing gameplay and new content. (New content does not necessarily mean new areas, items, etc. It can mean new or improved functionality, a bolt-on to existing content, etc)
  • If you are not active enough or fail to make our minimum player Laff levels, you would be removed as a tester, and what this means is you can longer launch the game because your login details would no longer be valid and therefore you cannot get the latest content nor access the game. Repeals are possible.





Why is the launcher download link not HERE?


We cannot make it public...


Do you support Macs?


We do not currently support Macs


Why have the launcher files been deleted?


Your antivirus might be removing the file. Temporarily disable the antivirus or create an exception so it doesn't block/delete the launcher start-up files.


I am getting errors trying to open the new launcher. What can I do?


Try installing Panda3D-1.9.0, if you have other versions, archive them.


I am still having issues - what else can I try?


Try running the launcher as an administrator.


How much storage do I need to be able to run Toontown World Online?


At least 700 MBs are required to download the game content. 


Other possible causes for Toontown World Online Launcher not working

One other reason is that your file system is not quite the same as most. To check, open your file manager – at the address bar right click and click edit address. Once you can clearly see the address check for “/” “\” - this will need to be checked against the PYTHON_PATH file inside the launcher. Go to your desktop and right click on the launcher idea and click open file location. Browse and open (with Notepad) the PYTHON_PATH file and check to make sure the “/” is the right case for your file manager. Edit/leave, save and try again.

DLL Load errors and path issues

You can get this error if:

1.      You have multiple Panda3D installations.

2.      You've previously installed Panda3D - and your system paths need updating.

To update your system paths to Panda3D follow these steps:

1.      Go to file explorer

2.      Right click on My Computer

3.      Click on Properties

4.      On Control Panel click Advanced Settings

5.      Click on Environment Variables

6.      Look for an entry with “c:/paTH" or something similar and modify to just PATH

7.      Ensure the variable is pointing to c:/ - to your installation



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