Hello Toons! Last time you heard from me here I introduced some strange occurrences in Toontown! Well we told Loony Labs and they came up with a theory that it was to do with all the silliness going on, so we sent them to work on a meter. A meter to measure silliness (I call it a silly-meter!) Then we had to decide where to place the silly-meter and we realized the best place to put it was Toontown Central in Toon Hall, however it was too small. So we got to work and built flippy a new office! Silly
Posted on 29th March 2016 by Resistance Ranger David
Hello Toons! Flippy helped get out the decorations and it's looking very much like Toontown is covered by Snow Wonder. Christmas decorations cover the whole of Toontown and the Cogs aren't happy one bit. Christmas
Posted on 11th December 2016 by Resistance Ranger Kippy